A Janitor whose job is to clean buildings which may involve cleaning toilets.
I going to make to Poo Baron's life hell when i finish shitting on this cubicle wall.
#cleaner #maintenance man #cleaner person #toilet cleaner #shit cleaner
by Ken-T July 02, 2006
Top Definition
One who defecates anywhere besides the toilet in the bathroom. It can be on the floor, on the toilet seat, on the top of the paper dispenser, smeared on the stall door/wall, or even in a urinal or sink.
Dude, the poo baron struck again! Look at that poo in the urinal and smeared on the toilet seat!
#poo bandit #poop bandit #poop baron #poo #poop #shit #feces
by MUPooBaron November 16, 2010
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