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A small store that may sell beer, wine, chips, penny candy, and other usually small items. Similar to the stores that you might find at a gas station, a convenience store, or maybe a 7 Eleven, but usually tucked away within a neighborhood and not as well stocked.
I'm going to walk down to the Pony Keg and get some Doritos.
by ButchGibson.com January 24, 2006
A half-size beer container that holds about 7.75 gallons (a quarter barrel, or 62 pints of beer.
There's only going to be six of us, so let's just get a pony keg.
by Lägermeister August 08, 2007
A convenience store that sells liquor and kegs (southwest Ohio)
Run down to the ponykeg and get me a sixer of Hudepohl.
by Mike Spaeth December 02, 2005
A woman with a pertruding abdomin. The pony keg is the female equivalent of the male beer belly.
"She's not pregnant. its just a pony keg".
by irishtoddler July 15, 2009