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One of the most ugliest cars to ever roll out of GM. The overall design looks horrible, but don't let the ugliness fool you. It has a decent top speed, a powerful V6 engine and not to mention its very roomy too. If you bought yours new, there's a chance it came with a camping tent you can attach to the back lift gate. Some people claim this car to basically be a Pontiac Montana on crack. It has actually seen an increase in popularity due to Walter White driving one on Breaking Bad.
Guy 1: Hey what kind of car are you driving?

Guy 2: A Pontiac Aztek.

Guy 1: That thing looks ugly as Hell!

Guy 2: Oh yeah? Well sit in this thing and then tell me what you think!

Guy 1: Holy crap! This thing is so comfortable I take back what I said!
by Firebirdy1999 July 06, 2014
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