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A kick ass / durable V8 motor that was produced by Pontiac Motor Division from 1968 to 1977. The motor has a bore size of 3.875 inches and has a stroke of 3.75 inches, making it really 354 cubic inches instead of 350. It is mistakenly called a "Big-Block" due to it's size but there is no such "Small block" or "Big block" since all Pontiac motors shared the same external design and size in the 60's and 70's. While not amongst the performance engines being developed by Pontiac at the time, in 1968 and 69, an H.O. (High Output) version was the performance option for this motor with an underrated 325 horsepower and a compression ratio of 10.5:1. Besides H.O. variants of this motor, the 350 was looked down upon bigger cubic inched Pontiac motors (389, 400, 428 and 455) due to it's small bore size... BUT with a slightly bigger cam, a .040 over bore size, better heads with bigger valves, and some bolt-on modifications, this motor goes from a typically quick V8 to a fucking beast! This motor can be stroked to a 383 for maximum performance that will hand's down beat any Chevy Big-Block motor on the streets.

This engine also shares nothing in common with the "Chevrolet 350" motor.

The Pontiac 350 was most common in Firebirds, Le Mans/Tempest/Custom S cars, and Ventura models. Usually found in 2 barrel form with the exception of the H.O. models that came with a 4 barrel carb/intake and more.
"My Pontiac 350 in stock form was quick but not fast, now it hauls ass with a four barrel and some bolt-on's!"

(At a stoplight)

Civic guy: "Hey" (while revving his 1.5L motor)... let's race!

Dude in Firebird: "Alright"

(Firebird kick's the living shit out of the poor Civic at the stop light)

Civic Guy: "Whoa! What engine do you have under that hood and what can I do to get my car to go faster?"

Dude in Firebird: "Pontiac 350 and uhhh... get a V8!"

by Ryan Diablo February 28, 2009
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