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The only reason Pompano Beach High School has any students is because of no school on Fridays.

Teachers show up drunk, sleep with students, and do drugs in their cars.

Favoritism over students is a definite.

Most kids who attend make attempts at being "ghetto" but fail miserably.
"Let's go to Pompano Beach High School!"
"Yeah, they have Fridays off!"
by ValjeanMarguriet July 24, 2008
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A school of mostly smart students that is the best school in Broward county. Although the school is quite lame and most of the black and white population try to be cool or "REAL" they really aren't and in reality just like any other population of nerds with aspirations.
Pompano Beach High kid: "Hey my school has a 99% college acceptance rate."

Blanch Ely kid:" So who gives a... But yeah my school has 0.67% college acceptance rate on good year."
by Duke of Pompano May 03, 2011

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