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An AMAZING school. With a 14.7% acceptance rate and 2240 median SAT score, Pomona College is the most selective liberal arts college in the United States.

Unlike other top schools, however, Pomona offers students a great quality of life to go along with the rigorous academics. Pomona College is located in sunny Southern California - a short car ride away from surfing at the beach, skiing at at the mountains, and shopping in LA. And while Pomona students enjoy small, discussion based class sizes characteristic of a small liberal arts college, the 5-College Consortium offers students the academic and social resources of a large university. A testament to the general happiness of the student body, Pomona has the highest freshman retention rate of any liberal arts college in the country (according to USNWR).
You go to Pomona College? You must be smart as hell.
by Rousseau3 July 22, 2010
The oldest and largest of the Claremont Colleges, perhaps the most prestigious; often just called Pomona. It is in the city of Claremont, not the city of Pomona.
You got into Pomona College! You must be awfully smart.
by ClaremontDave October 18, 2008
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