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A four step process of entertainment in which:

1. One finds oneself with (or intentially induces) anal prolapse (also known as the pink sock).
2. One uses the protruding intestine to choke out a Pomeranian dog.
3. One grabs the unconscious Pomeranian by the hind legs and proceeds to swing it around, hitting it against anything and anyone.
4. One throws away the bloody pulp of a dog once it resembles the pink sock, preferably in public.
"I don't know if it was those biscuits I ate, or the Pomeranian Butt Noose... but I'm not feelin' so good."

"'When you see a Pomeranian, don't you just want to choke it out with your inverted intestine and beat the unconscious body into a pulp?'

'Obviously, dude... What did you think we were doing at the dog parks every Saturday?'"
by oooooKay Cizzzzzle October 27, 2010
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