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A grammatical syndrome (PPI) characterized by the egregiously frequent, mind-numbingly excessive and habitual use of perfunctory interjections in even short conversational narratives. PPI afflicts moronic conversationalists from all walks of life but most frequently afflicts adolescents, young adults and professional athletes.
Like - I said -like - "What's up?" She says -like- "Nothing. Why?" So I -like - go up to her -like- and -like- give her a nipple noogie."

"I was skating hard -you know- and Spyder -you know- lifts his stick into my eye. So -you know- I dropped my gloves - you know- and I -like- decked him."

"Polyperfunctory Interjectionism is - like - you know - going to -like- be the downfall -you know- of -like- civilized conversation."
by Shireguy July 08, 2009
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