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The cousin of the wildly popular polar bear. Polo bears are a lot more special and they have special needs! Polo bears are loving, adorable, sweet, and most devfinatly AWESOME!
Mom: look its a polar bear, son
Kid: nooooo mom thats a POLO BEAR!
by Ihatebearslover July 03, 2011
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n. 1. the answer to the Christmas cracker riddle: What's furry and minty?; 2. phenomenon or situation that makes no possible sense usually because of the altered states of the participants; an enigma (2007-8-d.f. < jenandtaraism orig. cryptic Christmas cracker, possible combined expression of the equation "polar bear" - "polar" + "polo mint" - "mint" = "extreme confusion" or "polo bear".)
Definition 1:

Christmas Cracker: What's furry and minty?

Intoxicated Party-goer: I don't know...what?

Christmas Cracker: A Polo Bear!

Intoxicated Party-goer: Ah, a polo bear! Wait -what's that? That's not funny, just cryptic. Hey, does anyone know what a polo bear is?

Christmas Cracker: You know, you're the only person at this party who has even bothered to talk to me.

Definition 2:

Tara: Remember last New Year's Eve? What was that all about?

Jen: Yeah, I don't know. The whole evening was a bit of a polo bear for me.
by Jen Knoxville Girl May 10, 2008
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