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Polly Positive is the exact opposite of Negative Nancy. Polly Positive can describe someone who sees everything around them as absolutely fantastic. Polly Positive also describes someone in the case that their response to a specific event or state of being during a period of time is incredibly hopeful in its take on a situation.
Person 1 (acting like a Negative Nancy): Man, I did not have fun at your friend's house: the music was too loud, it was too crowded, the people were annoying, everyone wrecked the place, the bathroom smelt awful, and now I am hungry.

Person 2(acting like a Polly Positive): It is unfortunate that you did not have a good time, but I had a great time and thought everything was marvelous even including the smell.
by Aonymouse June 26, 2009
When someone is in a terrible mood and everything that comes out of their mouth is either rude or they just can't stop bitching about who knows what.
Person 1: Man, I didn't have fun at your friend's house....the music was too loud, it was too crowded, the people were so annoying, it was messy, the bathroom smelt like poop, and i'm hungry.
Person 2: Okay, Polly Positive, did you want to turn the car around and take you back, since you seem to have had such a great time.
by SebastionATX April 10, 2006
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