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Polish Scum is a British and Irish pejorative term for the large wave of Polish migrants to both the UK and Ireland since Poland became a EU member state in 2004. This clearly racist term reflects a growing view that the lowest, most opportunistic level of Polish society has arrived in both countries in excessive numbers. Perceived characteristics of 'Polish Scum' are a lack of education, alcoholism, a refusal to learn the English language, social rudeness (often explained by their former communist status), a willingness to work for low pay and poor personal hygiene. Other abusive terms include 'Polish Parasite' or 'Polish Locust', though the term 'Polish Scum' is the most broadly used pejorative throughout the British isles.
UK: "This used to be a nice country until all this Polish Scum arrived here. They're wrecking the standards of the whole country".

IRELAND: "All you see these days is Polish Scum. They're like some sort of plague."
by Alain D. December 29, 2011
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