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A policeman or policewoman; one who works for the police force. They have the responsibility of keeping the public peace. This is done by patrolling their beat and investigating possible crimes. Police Officer's are the one's who often respond to calls for help when you dial 911 by coming out to the location. Most police officers are very helpful and friendly, unless of course you lead them on a high speed car chase or something to that effect.
Police officers often put their life on the line to protect people but do not often get the thanks they deserve.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
A son, daughter, wife, mother, father, husband, brother, friend. An ordinary person, just like you...Except his or her passion was to keep the community safe. They often are never thanked until they are needed.

Keep in mind, cops are the ones who take those drunk drivers off the streets, so your happy little self can make it home safely tonight.

Most people who hate cops, will find themselves in a detrimental situation, in which a cop would be needed--then they'll be thankful. Until that time, they'll continue to be ignorant.

They ARE matter what the world says.
person: I hate police officers they are pigs!!
smarter person: What if someone is trying to kill you one day? Who are you going to call?
person: gang buddies?!?!?
smarter person: ....yeah, they'll DEFINITELY come save you. *sarcasm*
by itstime4change April 12, 2009
1) Slightly-fancier term
for Policeman.

2) Politically-correct sounding way to
say Cop.

3) Alternate term for, but not nearly
as pretentious as the far more
officious-sounding Peace-Officer or
Law-Enforcement Officer.

Can also be used to denote certain Federal-Agents, Fish & Wildlife Officers, Park-Rangers, Border-Patrol, and other such sworn & commissioned professionals who work in important fields of law-enforcement, but who are not traditional street-cops.

Also used by those Officers who do not want to thought of, or referred to, as Policemen or Cops.
"Calling a cop a Police Officer is more polite; But when other cops do it it's a like a calling a garbage-man a Sanitation-Worker or a calling a store-clerk a Sales-Associate."
by goodcop8 November 24, 2007
A grossly obese man who is supposed to be a public service, but he truly has no respect for the public (private sector) he in fact pisses on them any way he can. His arrests are not based on what the public really needs, they base them on quotas set by their department, so instead of only getting dangerous criminals off the street they may pull over, or single out someone for doing something such as having a brake light out or who was going 56 mph in a 55 mph zone something that we as the public would probably agree is completely ridiculouse and a waste of their time, our time, and our tax payers dollars
John: "hey Jane why are you having such a bad day?"
Jane: "well I slaved at my minimum wage job all day and was picking up my 5 children from school before i had to go to my second job, and then i was pulled over by a fat rude Police officer who wrote me a ticket for having a brake light out, i'm glad he set me straight before i did something really out of line..."
John: "holy crap how much are we paying them to sit on their fat asses and do things like this??"
Jane: "i don't know but whatever you do don't argue with them because they think its justified and they can pretty much do whatever they want"
John: "that's bullshit, so you're telling me we have a bunch of armed men patrolling the public who can single you out and search you or imprison you just because they have probably cause?"
Jane: "yep"
by JJdabosshoss November 09, 2013 occupation for those who need to compensate for their small dick size
2. one who will never get laid
I was a fuckin faggot in high school who was bullied around by pretty much everyone. so to make up for it, and for the fact that my dick is the size of a red fire ant, I'll become a police officer.

Maybe if Jon didn't have that gay looking hair, always worry about how people drove, and wasn't a fuckin asshole he would get laid once in a while. but he's too much of a police officer.
by krowkneeklay July 26, 2011
1. The people with the shiny badge and gun.

2. People that put up all that yellow tape.

3. People that shove you away when you try to see whats happening on the other side of the yellow tape.

4. People that yell at you for no good reason and make you
feel bad.

5. People you run from when you did something wrong or something that will make them mad.
Bob: Look its a police officer
Jimmy: Run like hell!!!
Bob: Why are we running?
Jimmy: Because I slept with that cops girlfriend last week.
by $LAYER November 17, 2005
some asshole with the same haircut as the rest of the officers of the u.s., incredibly stupid. and abusive of authority they have been given. was a loser in high school. still a loser now. pretend that it pisses them off to search you but they really get hard-ons from the task. most are corrupt and perverted. not good at catching real criminals but instead go after petty weed-smokers. if they break the law its ok. always think they are right even if they are obviously wrong. basically SCUMBAGS WITH BADGES.
when a police officer dies its a big deal. if a regular citizen dies it is not... if a cop says you have drugs in the car, you do, even if you matter how much you tell him you dont. they will never believe you
by 3284dfjiejd June 01, 2009
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