A last name so powerful, so awesome, that the Gods' themselves chose it as their personal favorite. It is said that a person with the last, middle, or first name as Polewaczyk, shall have great wealth, a superb figure, and be talented at everything he/she does.

Pronounced: Pole-la-wa-check.
Bob: "Did you hear that new guys last name?"
Jim: "No, what is it?"
Bob: "Polewaczyk"
Jim: "Holy mother of God!"
Bob: "Shall we bow to him?"
Jim: "Let's"
by CalcuMin June 29, 2008
When you shove a stick up someone's butthole so far up their rectum to the point you hit their poopcrustifier and it explodes, giving the attacker a bath of poopcrust and pussy juice from the past 40 years.
I gave Lowell such a hard Polewaczyk yesterday that he couldn't sit down for a week.
by Wusang Rice July 22, 2008

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