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A game in which two poles (approximately 15 feet apart) are placed in a wide field and used as goal posts. There are 3 people on each team and the objective is to hit the pole to score a "goal". Each team gets a kickoff. There is a kickoff at the beginning of the game and after five points are scored by either team. (The game is played to 10) During kickoff you can shoot for pole. Two steps can be taken when you are in possession of the Frisbee. You can pass it anywhere on the field at anytime. It's essentially ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf combined, except Poles are used instead of chain nets. You can also "dunk" the Frisbee on the pole by hitting it with the Frisbee and dropping it. Double points can be scored if the Frisbee is caught off a point on the pole, and made to come in contact with the pole again. It can't hit the ground it must be caught off the pole. No triple points tho. This game was invented by 15 year olds on acid from the Chicagoland suburbs. The original setup is actually between two poles from an old volleyball net left at the Barney Park.
Yo let's get the crew together to play some Pole Game at the Barney Park. No Pledges tho.
by The Rundling Dragon. April 22, 2013
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