(verb) To Polanski is to have sexual relations with an underage person. Named after film director Roman Polanski who was caught sleeping with an underage girl.
"Dave thought that 13 year old chick was hot - think he's gonna Polanski her?"
by Scarvandaj September 07, 2005
Top Definition
An indignant justification or excuse that bear no relevance to what one is being accused of.
When I asked him if he committed the crime, he scoffed that it was impossible for him to have done so, because he was a well-regarded Hollywood director. I knew this was no more than a Polanski.


His Polanski for robbing the bank was that it was okay for HIM to do it, because he needed the funds to buy a pool and was otherwise a good person.
by LaComtesse September 30, 2009
Polanski: A horrible excuse and/or justification for a heinous crime
The child rapist was quoted as giving the following Polanski, "But thirteen year olds are so cute! And she had a vagina and everything. What was I supposed to do?"
by fuckromanpolanski September 30, 2009
Verb: To heavily inebriate someone with wine coolers (usually a minor), before penetrating them anally. This usually takes place in the back seat of limousines.
That motherfucker tried to Polanski my daughter!
by János Stósz October 19, 2007
A short version of the name for a kick ass derby skater on the Ithaca League of Women Rollers who also has a (in)famous affection for liking them young.
"You better keep your hot & legal 17 year old sister Jennifer far away from Rollin' Polanski after the bout!"
by MarkusB(LoveyouMiche!) March 27, 2010
A child sodomist. Uses fame, alcohol and / or drugs to lure young girls into his web and sodomize them before you can shout, 'UNCLE'
I was 'Polanskied' by that guy. My ass is ruptured dude!
by slithergroover October 29, 2010
Any type of rape or sexual deviance act.
That hot girl won't sleep with me, so I'm just going to have to Polanski her.
by Chinatown's Baby September 30, 2009
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