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A stick, about 30cm long, that can be concealed up a sleeve, and can be used to 'poke' people who argue with you/irritate you/don't like the music you do/deserve poking/don't deserve poking but you poke anyway/anyone in the hope of enraging them/making them move/injuring them/anything.

An incredibly versatile human management tool
Move out the way, or i'll poke you with my Poking Stick
by Kore March 18, 2004
Any old stick found near a campsite used to poke the fire with. Hours of male entertainment.
thash ookay hunny, yoush go to shleep. Iii'm gonna poke th' fire a bit more... whersh my poking stick?
by Bollocks March 04, 2005
A stick used to poke ice to see if it's strong enough to walk on.
Damnit, i fell in the lake, fucking poking stick
by Karyn & Shaun February 09, 2004
A hard dick
Eg...Dave is spooning Maya.

Maya says... Stop poking me with your poking stick
by Spazzy714 January 13, 2011
n. 1) A magical ruler of a highschool student.

2) there have been over 6 poking sticks. A poking stick is only classed a poking stick, once the chosen one (the great Jedee Mastahs) has written poking stick on it.

3) it is approx. 41cm, wooden and is found in most newsagents. Various others have been spawned, but the only true one lies in a drawer of my . i mean the chosen ones cupboard drawer of doom.

4) its a ruler, that i called te poking stick when i wrote poke nelson and i would poke people with it.. hours of fun, a great idea
i poked nelson with the poking stick
by Mattalac December 09, 2003
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