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This is when you get the 'clap' from your girlfriend after she hung out with the Band boys in Peoria. She was 'poked in the p-hole' numerous times by the who had the clap (now all of them have the clap). The boyfriend of this groupie then had sex with her, 'poked in the p-hole' caused his penis to drip...
My friend, Fredo, got the clap (gonorrea) from his girlfriend Linda'. They had make-up sex after she had sex with the boys in the band in Peoria who had all done the freaky deed, "poked in the p-hole," to her. Fredo had a drippy dick from fucking Linda, he had "poked her in the p-hole" only to get this uncomfortable drip!
by BadMoFo1999 November 29, 2011
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