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1. up-close.
2. right here, right now, in your face and/or in your ear. Used when someone is trying to prove a point.
3. the closest distance between anything that's good and bad.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant October 05, 2003
127 37
end of discussion-its over with-done
You were wrong for what you did-point blank
by unknown October 15, 2003
130 55
The closest distance between safety and danger. The closest distance between good and bad. The closest distance between life and death.
The thief held the gun to the cashier's head at point blank.
by Balano April 26, 2003
86 31
A shot from some sort of projectile weapon whether it is from a gun or even a thrown object that has been made at very close proximity to the intended target which is normaly less than 20' away.
Bob being in point blank range was hit by a shot from a shotgun which completely blew off his hand.
by AWanderingMage October 11, 2006
62 34
breaking wind while receiving a blow job, thus making blow giver the receiver of the True Gift.
I was really enjoying Bradley's cock in my mouth when he sweetened the deal by Point Blanking me.
by Professor Benecio August 05, 2011
9 12
Album by Max Cavalera's (former Sepultura singer) band Nail Bomb.
Do you have Nail Bomb's album, Point Blank?
12 32
Tha true representers of regent park, always keepin it real and letting haters know how we do.
by RP 4 life October 09, 2003
37 59