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A really cool liberal arts college that isn't JUST known for it's dancers, but for it's photographers, forensic science majors, and all the other weird ones in between (ie funeral services).

Yes, we do have many Gay people and Divas. BUT we have equal number on NON-DIVAS.

And our symbol is super cool. Not to mention, we have a super small campus that kicks ass.
I major in funeral services at Point Park University.

I'm an aspiring photographer and attend Point Park University.
by ppugirl January 31, 2011
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1. A university that concentrates on Dance and Musical theater. Has an over abundance of Fag Hags and Divas.

2. A University in downtown pittsburgh that offers degrees in performing arts and has a really ugly symbol.
1. I am a male, I am going for musical theater, and enjoy dick in my ass hole. I go to Point Park University.

2. I go to Point Park to major in Cinema and Digital Arts. No I am not gay.
by Girlisagun June 21, 2007

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