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Power 4's sign off or to emphasise a persons leaving of conversation or place
The owner of this strip club has a boil on his kneck like a football.............Poice!!!
by Smig As! July 02, 2010
(patchogue, new york) pTown lingo for "peace"; a way to say "good bye"
poice out, BITCH!
by Fat Travis January 23, 2004
-slang for peace (with an unspoken added meaning of 'we out').
"see ya"

by gwarrrrrr April 04, 2009
a.) Rhymes with the "Royce" in the name of the car: "Rolls Royce". A very friendly valediction in the spirit of peace, definition 2. Used to bid farewell to any good friends, but differs from the traditional peace in that it is usually preceded by an especially agreeable or profound conversation or realization among the parties involved. "Poice" has the added connotations of the other words it most resembles, i.e. "poise" and choice, definitions 4,5,6,7.
b.)Used in the middle of a conversation to express profound and satisfying agreement with something that someone else just said.
Usage a.)

Friend one: Mark, I can't believe we talked for so long tonight, man, that was incredible.

Friend two: poice, Kurt. Let's get together tomorrow for breakfast.

Usage b.)

Friend one: Dude, none of this stuff that we own matters man. All of these material things, they all fade away. What is left when all the bullshit fades away, and you're in bed alone at night with your thoughts? Love, man, that is what is left.

Friend two: poice.
by kurtisheath April 13, 2009
Jeckt sux balls, in the gay type of manner.
Jeckt: Oh this balls look delicious
Sirynator: Stay away from my balls you gay homo.
Jeckt: I will conquer these balls even if it means my life.
Sirynator: You are ghey, POICE.
by Sirynator September 01, 2006
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