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a clan of ninjas that survives today whose specialties are convincing you they're not a threat while secretly sleeping with your girlfriend and silent assassinations
"Dude, I think my girl is banging a Pohlman."
by secretlyaninja October 24, 2009
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One who jerks, or likes to jerk the "pohl" or "pole" as it is known in some cultures, WAY too much. To be perverted, nasty, and gross.
Ewwwww! Dude!! You'll go blind if ya keep that up! Don't be such a Pohlman!
by I. YankToMuchDong June 25, 2004
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noun: a member of the male sex that has never engaged in vaginal intercourse with a female; a virgin; one who often resorts to masturbating due to a lack of sex; a Pohlman

verb: to masturbate frequently, often with Vaseline
(noun) Dude the last time that guy got close to vagina was when he was born; that guy it a total pohlman!

(verb) The reason his room smells so badly is because he refuses to pick up the dirty socks he pohlmans into.
by Arface July 26, 2007
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