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A piece of linen (or occasionally a folded napkin or piece of paper/card) inserted into the pocket of a suit jacket in order to truly complete a suit. When worn with confidence and assurance, it brings an atmosphere of 'swag' to a room. No one really knows why or how, just that there is something added to a setting or environment when a pocket-swag is present, making you feel, in that place right between your heart and your soul, that this just feels right. This is not simply a 'pocket square', this is pocket-swag. To the untrained eye, very similar. To experienced swagologists, their difference is everything.
Girl: Nice pocket square!
Guy: Excuse me?
Girl: I said that I like your pocket square.
*Guy laughs*
Girl 2: That ain't no pocket square. That's pocket-swag, you amateur.
Girl: I am so sorry.
Guy: Don't worry. Mistakes happen.
by Big_Nate_Dawg May 27, 2013
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