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1.The act of having way to much shit in your pockets at any given time, which in turn leads to sporadic bouts of "Dude I think I lost that 50 piece I had!" especially when smoking crack with someone you really dont trust. Not that I trusted anyone Ive ever smoked crack with.

2.Having an over abundance of crack/heroin in your pockets and being stopped by the Police in most case could trigger a severe case of Super Mega Massive Pocket Mania as you frantically search for the pocket containing the stash before being violently ripped from your vehicle.
Yo nigga I was so jammed on diesel last night when I got pulled over I had the worst "pocket mania" tryna find the rest of my dope, then I remembered I stuff it in my man safe before I left the house
by The Infamous Sin April 12, 2011
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