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A female or male that is not considered relationship material, but used for benefits when all else fails. They are usually used randomly and spur of the moment, which is where the idea of them coming from the pocket comes in instead of them being a prime contact.
John had nothing else to do tonight since all his friends left town, so instead of being lonely, he called one of his pocket hoes.
by Nerd Man Jr May 12, 2011
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A hoe that can be used on the go sold at local grocery stores for 50 cents. pocket hoes can be used in public and are portable because the convenience of the fact that they fit in your pocket. One person may buy 3 just to get the job done.
Are you going out tonight man? Nahh i gotta stay home, i got my pocket hoes..
by Quame Brown April 30, 2011
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Your last resort, but not a sidechick. This girl is just there so you dont have to be alone when you are feeling some type of way, The girl that always says yes.
my pockethoe is coming over tonight because nooneelseresponded to my text.
by Ant thompson March 17, 2015
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