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The feeling one gets when not having their hands in a hoodie or sweater pockets, and really wants to have them in there. This happens once the clothing has been removed and there are no pockets to put hands into.
"What's wrong with your hands?"

"I don't have my hoodie today and my hands really need to be in one!"

"Ah...Pocket anxiety again...It happened to me yesterday."
by Desmond Shoals December 11, 2008
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The feeling one gets when excessivly wearing hoodies or other clothes with pockets nearby the stomach and then removes the clothing and still does the motion of wanting to put hands in the stomach pocket.
Guy 1: "Aww!"

Girl 1: "What's wrong?"

Guy 1: "I don't have my hoodie on today...."

Girl 1: "Pocket Anxiety again?"
by Desmond Shoals December 05, 2008
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