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When you cum in the bath, it resembles a poached egg floating in the water.
Rich Foreman was in the bath last night and he left a massive poached egg floating in the water.
by Rich Foreman December 11, 2008
22 6
Blowing your load into a belly button, then pissing on it.
Yeah, I heard Mike went to carnival last night and picked up a girl. I think he even said that he gave her poached eggs. He's quite the character.
by chief chuckabubba May 05, 2006
13 10
Ejaculatory remnants floating in a hot tub that have coagulated and foamed in the bubbles
"We need to clean this hot tub. Look at all those poached eggs" or "No sweetheart, I'm not going to kiss you after you just ate all those poached eggs"
by Monroe July 07, 2003
14 11
n. When you put a soft boiled egg up somebody's ass, and then they are fucked in the ass until the egg breaks. The resulting eggy santorum must be felched.
I gave that fat bitch a poached egg for breakfast.
by gooberbeans April 20, 2011
4 3
The act of throwing up into a vagina.
"I had too much to drink before I went down on my girlfriend. Let me tell you, that was one runny poached egg."
by Andy October 15, 2004
15 16
When a man dips his balls in a woman's hot wet vagina.
My girl wanted to try something new in bed so I showed her what poached eggs are. She squealed with excitement.
by jbone80 August 14, 2008
7 9
when a guy sticks his ballsack into another guys asshole and then jerks off on his back.
Paul gave Rubin a poached egg. He loved it.

Desmond had a hard day at the office so Curtis gave him a poached egg.
by IamChainSaw March 19, 2010
9 14