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A word whose meaning has nearly been lost in time. The words true meaning and usage has been passed down for generation in only 4 families and only the first born son in each is tought the true nature and root of the word. It is a word used to describe something that is cool. An adjective used to describe something, great , bad, terrible, and yet awesome all at the same time. has NOTHING to do with ponies or horses but perhaps something to do with unicorns and their distant cousin the lamacorn and its cousin the Alpacacorn on every third tuesday. Can be applied to Razzle Dazzle dinosuars in certain situations. And on every bonus thursday it can be used to describe a lecture but on no other day shall it be used as stated above.
That is so Po Nay Nay.

Did you see that Po Nay Nay?

She's just jealous shes not as Po Nay Nay as I.

That was totaly Po Nay Nays!!!!
by Down but not out August 17, 2010
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