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One who supports Pluto's quest to once again be a planet. Sort of like a tree hugger, only you are trying to hug an icy orb, instead.
Lily has a glow-in-the-dark black tee shirt that says in the front "Pluto: Never Forget!" She also likes to post her disdain for the new classification for Pluto all over the Internet. She is a hard-core Pluto hugger.
by Plutonian87 February 24, 2011
One who actively supports full planet classification for Pluto, thinking that its demotion to dwarf planet status is a great injustice that must be rectified forthwith.
Joan is planning to attend the triennial General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in August of 2015, a month after NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flies past Pluto and its three known moons, holding a sign in front of the convention center where they are meeting, demanding that the definition of a planet be changed to include Pluto and other like dwarf planets. She is a hardcore Pluto hugger.
by Sowff February 16, 2011