another name for the Vag
Go wash your plut

This room is smellin kinda plutty
by plumndrum May 25, 2010
Top Definition
Plut - Adj - Def. a clever combination of Prude(1) and Slut(2), used to describe one who acts as if they are a slut, but in all reality would never actually do anything.

synonym - 1. Tease

1. Prude - ADJ - used to describe one who does not partake in sexual activities.

2. Slut - ADJ - used to describe one who partakes in a lot of sexual activities with many partners.
Guy1 - "Dude sheila was wearing the skimpiest skirt ever and was totally talking about how she was gonna screw my brains out"

Guy2 - "bonus bro!! how did it turn out?!?"

Guy1 - "i asked her if she wanted to go upstairs and she just left the party!"

Guy2 - "Dude she does that to everybody, what a Plut!"
by Ryan Thompson March 16, 2008
In Holyoke, Massachusetts, in the 1950s (at least) the word "plut" referred to a testicle.
His brother told me his left plut was sore.
by dr softy July 27, 2010
To PLUT - the exact moment in time whereby a person realises that they have ejaculated and thus soiled themselves.
"i think she made me PLUT"
by Meeenchoo Machli August 22, 2006
the word is a micture of (PRE) and the word (SLUT) Pre-Slut
Josh Loving went out with a plut.
by Josh Loving November 23, 2003
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