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A plumb sucker is a short adult female with doe eyes and a pouting, gagging, deportment. Addicted to endless plumb sucking, these human receptacles can be identified by their remote gaze, endless lip licking and upper body rocking motions. Occasionally, they can be found sitting alone in British public parks, fingering their gashes whilst groaning like hamsters in season. In medieval times, before 1997, social records show that the average 18 year old plumb sucker could strip suck the skin off more than 12 firm hoods an hour. That is before the national speed limit was lowered to 8, a decade later.
Oh the joy of a pert young plumb sucker. Oh, how the plumbs are sucked and the juice flows. Moisture, pleasure, and my firm purple headed mountain. Cascading, exploding, flowing - just like a vat of melting ice cream up a nun's clunge on national dogging night.
by Anarcho-Capitalist March 11, 2010
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