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Plug ho is a widely known term in the custom lure industry and recreational surf fishing field. The term has evolved over time to mean this:

One who has a penchant for asking/begging for handmade, custom, wooden fishing plugs. To qualify for a plug ho, one must successfully have obtained a plug for free from a plugmaker by any means of flattery or self-demotion, to the means that the plugmaker feels unnerved / bad about himself and willingly contributes one or more custom wooden plugs to the ho. Ho's can be lonely single men who are obsessed with getting wood.

Also commonly known as Lure ho Plug hoe etc.

Known ho's include the King of Plug hoeing - Bassmaster, TBD, and Chief 500.
"Bassmaster is a Plug ho, he pawns so much wood from everybody!"

by j0k3rsol August 01, 2008

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