Pluck and Fuck, often shortened to P&F, is a mating ritual originating in Barretts Niteclub, Mountbellew, W.Ireland. It entails the male picking up his perspective mate, lifting her over the shoulder and depositing her in a more suitable location more conducive to shifting and/or sexual intercourse.
A: Saw you talking to a fine bit of stuff last night at the bar, where did you disappear to, did you give her the Pluck and Fuck?
B: Nah, plucked her alright but the bouncer stopped me and told me to put her down.
by Pluckermb April 28, 2011
Top Definition
Removing one's contacts before making sexual advances on a girl of below average looks. Usually done in conjunction with drinking heavy amounts of alcohol and having no respect for yourself or your nightly conquest.
Chad-"Dude you hear Larry fucked that girl Kate?"
Tate- "Ohh fuck, dude she is a troll. How the fuck could he do that to himself?"
Chad- "Yeah dude, he pulled a pluck and fuck. Popped the contacts out right on the bar and then just dove in, pretty sure she saw him do it. Shit was nasty to watch."
by Fratin' Tate October 14, 2011
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