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Stands for "Plush Lounge". A plounge is a space which has been created for the express purpose of lounging around in hedonistic bliss. They are cushy and "plush", typically having many pillows and warm (furry) blankets. The lighting and decoration is sensual, warm and inviting. A Plounge has something of a magnetic pull which draws people into it's clutches. Once in the Plounge, many experience temporal anomalies where time loses meaning. It can be enjoyed alone but is much more commonly found with several Plouge-o-nauts simultaneously riding the cushy waves.
Man, that is a SICK Plounge!
by Astro the Plounge-o-naut April 12, 2011
def. 2: n. Punk rock, informed by lounge, normally accm. by organ. def. 3: n. Lounge rock, informed by punk, often accm. by accordion, sometimes banjo.
The Jilly Rizzo is a pioneering plounge band from Renton, Washington.
by stratocrabster August 23, 2012