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N. A very small or little plot,usually not associated with taking over the world; A scheme to annoy and/or distract a substitute teacher or other authority so as to achieve an infinitesimal and immature bit of amusement for one-self and all involved in the plotle.

Usually used in a n attempt to draw attention to them selves in pursuit of approval from the opposite sex and/or their peers.
Usually plotlers are oblivious to the fact that the one they are trying to dupe might have been on the opposite side of a plotle at some point in their life and know exactly what s occurring but they allow those involved to embarrass themselves in front of everyone. So who's Plotling now?
" So what's the Plotle"
"You stand over there and start to cry while I sneak behind him and make funny faces"
"dude the chicks are going to dig this!"
"Plotle Accomplished."
by Benign June 24, 2009
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