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to blog while pooping. Plogging.
So last night I was plogging about the Senate race, when I totally got urine all over the keyboard.
by Reginald Buxley November 08, 2006
Public Blogging. Standing on a street corner and spouting off everything from uninformed political discourse, musings on failed relationships, recipes, or similar blog-worthy topics. A method of attracting attention to yourself.
Dude: OMG, is that guy homeless and crazy? He's ranting about Darfur, but he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about.

Dude #2: Bro, he's plogging. Should we post a comment?

Dude: Sure.

Dude #2 (shouting): You're an idiot!
by Murphy L. Piddleton April 16, 2009
trudging through social media
Even with an optimized RSS reader, I get so tired of plogging all day.
by Cinder's Ash January 23, 2009