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Used by either autistic nerds, or ironically by alphamales. Autistic nerds will commonly say "please respond" as a panic response when texting a girl who doesn't respond within 3 minutes.
Guy: "Hey"
Girl: "hi"
Guy: "I always had a crush on you since middle school, i just never had the courage to tell you. Do you want to hang out? I mean, I don't mind if you say no, but if you want to we can totally hang out. :)"
Guy: "hello?"
Guy: "Please respond"

Or used Ironically

Girl: "Heyyy"
Guy: "You should be an archaeologist"
Girl: "Why?"
Guy: "Because I have a large bone to be examined"
Guy: "Please respond"
Girl: "hahaha okay ;)"
by Raz~ January 15, 2012
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