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Pleasanton is a bland, boring upper-middle class suburb, where everyone lives in ludicrous McMansions, drives luxury European cars, and the kids have 5,000 extracurricular activities. Everything is very clean. The town mall, Stoneridge, had a reputation in the 90's for being the most upscale mall for miles. The sun is always shining (literally).

In other words, Pleasanton is Stepford, Bay Area-style. You may never again see such a high concentration of Stepford-ness in California (right down to voting Republican!).

Perhaps the only difference from Stepford-land is the diversity. Pleasanton was a haven for rich, Republican WASPs in the 80's and 90's. Now the town is dominated by Jewish, East Asian and Indian millionaires.
Foothill High Kid: I wanted to organize a charity event with the kids over in Oakland, but when I emailed our principal about it, the whole administration reacted in horror.

Foothill High Mom: I would hope so. We would never allow you to mix with kids from Oakland and I'm glad the school understands that!

Foothill High Kid: Mom, you sound like all the other Stepford wives in Pleasanton, CA.

(based on a true story. Yes, really.)
by dearstabby4u October 21, 2012

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