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Player X from the Forums is nothing but a poser. He is lower than the classification of Juffalo. He is lower than the parasites that feed off of dung beetle shit. He is a little pussy. At the age of 22, just recently, lost his virginity to a transexual transvestite. In his stupidity, he thought he got her(him) pregnant and broke up with her. He is a low-life worm that will blackmail, even to people that he says are his friends.
Player X licks the asses of the parasites that feed off of dung beetle shit. The only family that will accept him is his transexual lovers.
by Vash May 04, 2004
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Someone who is Juffalo, a faggot, a Femi-Fan all in one. He is also in the closet and claims to be the Man of Rage, when he's actually the Man of Butt-packing and claims to be a Maggot when it's actually "Faggot", he is a lifeless bitch who does nothing but post at and use useless threats towards people. He considers his girlfriends that are infact transexuals "Girlfriends". A Straight up bitch!!!
Dude, he's nothing but a Player X³, what a bitch!!

Look up
by Juffalo Killa May 04, 2004
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