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The originator or Pimp Rap and the world reknown word Biiiiiatch! Not to be confused with Gansta Rap. This style of rap music originated in "The Town" Oakland, Ca. Lyrics were more focused on pimpin'Hoes and Havin Thangs rather Than Killin' Niggas.
Nuthin like pimpin
Nigger f**k Bill Clinton
Make me the mother f**king president
I'll make the White House a hoe house and all the pimps, To just
Set up shops like they do in Vegas
Legalize pimpin for all the playa's
Puttin fine ass bitches in the streets and the hood
Every year a nigger trade for a new Fleetwood
- Too Short "Ain't Nothin' like pimpin'"
by Tha Realness September 07, 2004
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