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A very tightly knit group of people who participate in school plays and musicals together. The know each other so well because they spend more time with each other than they do there own familys. Especally true during the last two weeks of a performence. Hang out together at the school at which the play or musical is happening. Sometimes also found bonding at the local hotspot or chilling at each other's houses. Usually can sing, dance, and act well. They are the coolest people you will ever meet. Play people make the best friends. Not to be mistaken for drama nerds.
play person 1: Hey practice got out early who wants to get bonding time at the hanging place of choice?
play person 2: I would love to but I need to write 3 page thesis paper.
Play person 3: I'll go! Whose driving?
The play people are the ones you can always find hanging around the auditorium during flex.
by Dr. Pritchard Mitford January 15, 2007
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