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A 50 feet tall whore, who walks around creepin' on every guy that she see's, even though she is ugly as fuck & they all run away scared, or hit it & quit it! They usually travel in packs, but recently one left the pack & is now residing in willis, texas preying on the boys there, that are most likely out of her league. The Platyratpusstritch was originally from austrailia, & are hunted by the bohse's, Bohse's are the baddest bitches in the world, & no one would dare mess with them, but anyways, Platyratpusstritches are PUSSYS, they wont say shit, or stand up for there selves, because they are just that damn ugly!
" Damn kylie, that ugly Platyratpusstritch is talking shit again, call up the bohse's lets handle it"

"Courtney, do you see that Platyratpusstritch over there!? i feel sick she's so uglyy!"

" Ugh, kylie i feel sick, i better look at a Platyratpusstritch so i can throw up!"

"Oh my god courtney, look at that Platyratpusstritch, its just so big"
by ThaBohse December 21, 2011