A town in extreme upstate New York that is pretty much the only place for activity in that whole area. Very cold in the winter.
I went up north towards Quebec; all of interest along the way was in the city of Plattsburgh.
by Nick Weiner February 03, 2009
Top Definition
let's just say that without the college, there wouldn't be a city. the winters are long, freezing and full of parking bans. the city cops pretend like they are nypd. they pull over everyone and anyone and treat them like they are some kind of drug dealer wanted in 20 states...i mean after all, they were going 33 in a 30. The summer brings out all the local townies and farmers, and they dress for the occasion! They all head down to the super walmart for some fun.
If you must go to Plattsburgh, bring a camera..you may be lucky enough to see Champ, the sea monster of Lake Champlain..dun dun duuuun!
by buttercups56 August 10, 2006
Sleepy town in upstate New York only going ons are the occasional college party, meth lab busts, or walking around the mall. For fun many teenage residents go to Montreal to drink or walk the streets of the "Burgh" for hours loathing their own existence. Due to the crippling bored found here drug use and alcoholism of all those who are above the age of 12 is very high and considered the favorite pastime of the city. Also winters are cold the weather men are treated like gods and there is a hatred of all things french canadian that can only be compared to south's hatred of freed slaves after reconstruction.
I need to get out of Plattsburgh.
by ZIM ZINN August 15, 2012
A wonderful little town in picturesque northern NY. In the late 70s to early 80s known as the number one place to find the first exploded USSR nuclear warhead. Plattsburgh is now, as then, known to be a very safe and pleasant town. Bordered on the east by the sixth great lake, Lake Champlain, and on the west and south by the Adirondack mountains, Plattsburgh boasts both water sports and skiing within the range of a motorcycle's reserve fuel. All in all, a great city to raise a family.
"I pine for the days when a 10 year old kid could ride his bike to school without the fear of someone kidnapping him. Those days are gone."
"Dude, that still exists in Plattsburgh."
by RMsClone April 10, 2009
City in NE New York State. Site of 1814 Battle of Plattsburgh during the War of 1812. Home of SUNY at Plattsburgh and within a short drive of Clinton Correctional Facility.
We stopped to get gas in Plattsburgh before we hit the border.
by bert83 February 26, 2006
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