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1. A rogue of the highest order. A perpetrator of extremely roguish behavior

2. A celebrity of questionable morals who commits a criminal act for no discernible reason

3. A well-dressed, well-mannered individual who is prone to the occasional wanton misdemeanor
Example 1: Stealing a snake, taking said snake to the changing rooms of a well known, high street lingerie shop and releasing the snake into a randomly chosen stall screaming "How's that for a trouser snake!" before running away

Example 2: A footballer stealing a packet of chewing gum, a d-list soap opera star smashing the windows of a costcutter

Example 3: A former public schoolboy smashing the wing mirrors off a people carrier after the MILF negotiating the behemoth cut him off at a t-junction

Person 1: Why the fuck did he do that?
Person 2: He can't help it, he's a platinum rogue
by CECHAP October 22, 2012

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