A person who roots for a Non-Hometown team based on that teams good record. Or from having some childhood memory of going to a game of that said team with their pedophile uncle.
I cant stand Baltimore's collection of Plastic Fan Steeler lovers, they should try some hometown love for once.
by K1ller Mosquito January 01, 2012
Top Definition
A unique specimen who supposedly calls him/herself a football fan, when in fact the majority of their already limited knowledge comes from Google Searches and FIFA games. These people hardly ever watch their team play, and have no knowledge of their clubs history, culture or chants.
" Bro, Arnie Dhamoon is a Real Madrid fan"

"nah, he's just a Plastic Fan"
by Sakhilaz April 27, 2016
A plastic fan is usually used for describing a Chelsea Football Club fan.
Hey, I heard Andrei is a Chelsea fan.
Yep, you're right, he is a plastic fan.
by beji97 December 29, 2015
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