An evil orginisation run at the top by satanists. Planned parenthood supports abotion aka the murder of babys. Margaret Sanger, the founder of planned parenthood, was a racist and satanist that wanted black genocide. She hated black people and thought it best that they all die. She is rotting in hell now. Planned parenthood aka planned murder is a very evil orginisation that is run by satanic groups such as the Illuminati. The CIA have indirectly funded feminist groups and pro abortion groups to decrease the population. The satanists that run our planet LOVE abortion. They legalized it to please their god, Satan. They provide potentialy dangerous prescription medication and invasive surgery to young girls, in many cases without their parents knowledge. We have lost more americans through abortion than all of america's wars combined! Abortion makes hitlers holocaust look like a day at the amusement park. Planned parenthood must be destroyed!
Retarded fucktard: My sister whent to planned parenthood to get an abortion. I think it was for the best since she is too poor to raise a child.

Sensible man: What!? If you support abortion in any way you are a sick fuck! Ever heard of adoption, retard?! (pulls out glock and shoots retarded fucktard in head)
#abortion #murder #satanism #death #genocide #killing #kill #holocaust #satan #satanist
by GRU Sniper October 28, 2006
A filthy cesspool, teeming with promiscuous sluts who are too poor to afford birth control, too stupid to use it, or to trashy to care. Luckily, the dumb-shit, half-wit inbreds who take advantage of the services offered will end up aborting their fuck ugly children before they become bottom dwellers, retards, and welfare cases. For all of the criticism it faces, one must concede that Planned Parenthood is the last line of defense against our downward spiral towards Idiocracy.
Cletus: "Hey Jim Bob, you hear Misti got pregnant after she fucked her brother?"

Jim Bob: "Yeah, but it's all good. She went down to Planned Parenthood and took care of that problem."
#abortion #inbred #idiocracy #slut #skank
by Jack Kelly, Attorney at Law May 31, 2012
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