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A forum run by 13 year old mods. Unless you're popular, you get treated like crap. However if you are popular then everyone, even the mods, will suck you off.

If you swear at someone saying the olb /B/ wor 'newfag' they laugh at this 'newfag' but when he swears back, you get a ban and the popular basement dweller gets nothing.

Filled with ignorant douches like
Jerime - A Joke who thinks everyone of his posts 'funny'

Dyst- A fag that does shit artwork and still gets praised, has no life.

HardToName - class A basement Dweller

These are the 3 I can rememmber from the top of my head. 70% of the Forum has cancer.
planetrenders is fucked up site infested with crack whores.
by oreallyyo August 15, 2008
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