A large body, smaller than a star but larger than an asteroid. A planet is also known as Melissa.
"Woah! Did you see that planet?"
"yeah why does Melissa always crash the fun!"
by Planethater December 20, 2012
Top Definition
In Qualculus a body of knowledge you may assume to be true.
She voted for him because he believed that he would do what he promised. She apparently did not have his past performance record in her planet.
by Robert A. August 12, 2004
A Realm of information or knowledge.
A School of thought
A Knowledgebase or collection of thoughts (Qualculus)
Planet Java (a Site about Java)
Animal Planet (A channel dedicated to learning about Animals)
Ocean Planet, Rugby Planet.
by Dave Vyrd November 24, 2003
1. From Latin, literally meaning wanderer.

2. Anachronistic usage: a star that wanders, or moves, in the sky.

3. A world that orbits a star or other celestial object. Primary planets our solar system include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Secondary planets orbit primary planets. Earth and Pluto are binary planets. Secondary planets are some times called minor planets, but minor planets also include planets that does not orbit other planets. Pluto's status as a major or minor planet is debated.
We live on planet Earth.
by Downstrike May 22, 2004
A large astronomical body that revolves around a central star. It is usually part of a solar system.
Apparently, Pluto is not a planet.
by PlanetJunkie February 03, 2010
An obese person. Commonly badly dressed to highlight their extra girth and density (paradoxicaly if dressed black)
Wow look at those planets piling out of Jenny Craig and heading to McDonalds.
by Dr Frost April 22, 2011
Person posing as a regular user of a forum of messageboard, who is in fact a spammer. Said user will often pose as two separate people having a conversation in order to make the 'advice' look more convincing.
Skripttkid78: Anybody know where I can get nice cheap trainers?

Imsomeoneelse39: Oh yeah I always get mine from TehHardKoreShoeStore they are really neat fast shipping

Moderator: PLANET!!
by Caspar_Esq. May 15, 2009
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