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Timing/postponing an udate on a social network in such a way that one will maximize exposure to it, and as such maximize responses to it. In other words, when one gets an idea for a funny/interesting/deep facebook status one must make sure that one posts it at a time when most people are bored at home and likely to see it and comment on or like it. It is also important to be sure that this update does not coincide with another significant event (major sporting/political/popular culture events) because then one's post will be lost in the multidude of mundane and banal posts reporting the outcome of the significant event.
Guy: "Dude, I just got the funniest idea ever! I'm tweeting it right now!"

Dude: "No Guy, it's Saturday night. Everyone's gonna be out partying and getting wasted, so noone will see your tweet. You've gotta plan when to post. Tomorrow morning at 10 will be a good time, when everyone's in bed, hungover, and online because they don't wanna get up."

Guy: "Woah, you speak true, dude."

Guy: "Ohmigawd! I just realised the meaning of life! Updating Facebook status right now!!"

Dude: "No no no! Plan when to post! The final match of the soccer world cup is starting in 10 minutes. Noone's gonna give a shit about Facebook right now, and after the match everyone's gonna be making statuses gloating about how their team won, or complaining if theirs lost. You'll have to give it a day if you want humanity to benefit from your wisdom."

Guy: "Dude, you're so wise!"
by Giant Ginger Medicine Man June 22, 2012
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