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A "Plainview moment" is an acute and fleeting sensation of estrangement from one's community characterized by feelings of alienation and contempt for all people. Typically this phenomenon is triggered by profound disappointment with unmet expectations. An individual experiencing a Plainview moment may appear inexplicably frustrated or enraged. The Plainview moment is temporary, lasting as briefly as a few minutes or until the source of the frustration has been removed, but the intensity of the emotions experienced during these episodes can make stricken individuals extremely unpleasant or even dangerous to be around.

Named for Daniel Plainview, the fictional self-made oil tycoon and misanthropic main character played by Daniel Day-Lewis in "There Will Be Blood."
"I experienced a Plainview moment today when I went to the hardware store to purchase some lumber, and after one incompetent employee erroneously claimed they didn't carry the materials I needed, a second incompetent employee sent me to the wrong part of the warehouse to pick the materials up."
by IP Frehley February 01, 2010
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