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Welcome to Plainedge (otherwise referred to as "P-town" or "Pedge")
The majority of kids in the school are potheads, but the other percentage of kids either get drunk every weekend or just have no friends. If you attend PHS, you've seen "the smoking corner" where the *cool* kids chill before first period, during lunch, between classes, and/or after school. There's always a fight, and the same people are consistantly beating the shit out of other people, it's great. You probably know of a few girls that come to school dressed half-naked every day but call everyone else a whore. There's always a group of kids at Harmon/Burger King/Schwarting getting drunk or high ; if not they're probably doing it at someone's house party. Freshman friday and senior-cut day are considered holidays. There's cockroaches crawling out of closets and gym lockers and your teachers have probably warned you about leaving food around because you "don't want mice". Yeah, Plainedge High School is where it's all at ;)
by NiggaWut November 06, 2007
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